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Investment and Forex Broker Compliance Advisory

It is important that an investment or Forex brokerage firm attempts to measure the effectiveness of its business to manage their compliance risk. This can involve an investment or Forex firm assessing whether it is achieving the desired compliance culture and behaviour, assessing the behaviour of individual staff and businesses, and assessing the effectiveness of the contribution of the compliance function to managing compliance risk. This is an area of development for all Forex firms, particularly in terms of evaluating whether management of their compliance risk reduces net risk to an accepted or defined level.

Our compliance advisory services for an investment or forex brokerage firm includes:

  • Ensuring that the company operates in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Acting as contact persons for compliance issues.
    Overseeing the staff structure of the company to ensure compliance with Financial Regulatory requirements.
  • Performing appropriate KYC procedures and Anti-Money Laundering checks for the set-up of new clients and monitor and manage KYC risks related to the provision of the investment services. Reviewing all agreements made by the company and its counterparties
  • Providing training to staff on Anti-Money Laundering issues.

Through our compliance advisory expertise, Kaith Consultants can assist investment and Forex brokerage firms to have a clear and meaningful understanding of what compliance risk means, make compliance risk assessment for firm’s operations, draft tailor-made procedures of how to train relevant staff and explain the functions that are involved in managing compliance risk.

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Below are some of jurisdictions we can offer this service

  • Kenya
  • UAE
  • Hong Kong
  • Labuan
  • Seychelles
  • Mauritius
  • Cyprus
  • UK
  • Cayman Islands
  • Belize